November 20, 2012

White and Wild Rice Pilaf

White and Wild Rice Pilaf
by Campbell's Kitchen

Over the years my family has learned to eat a wide range of foods, but it wasn't always that way. This is a great middle-ground recipe. Why?

First, there are no funky ingredients. I like to cook with feta cheese, couscous, and flax seed. But not everyone wants to hunt those things down or buy a whole package for one recipe. This recipe is straight out of the pantry stuff.

Second, this recipe can be easily modified. The proportion of brown/white rice can be adjusted. You could use sodium free broth. If you wanted a thicker texture you could throw in a can of cream of celery soup. And as a mom, I would definitely chop those carrots and celery up (as in hide).

This could look like two entirely different dishes with a few changes. Love versatility!

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