September 19, 2010

The real reason...

So, it's true that I was on a leave while I re-organized some things. I had been debating whether I had the time to keep blogging. My sister has already asked, "When are you coming back? I miss my weekly opportunities to laugh at my family."

Then, last week three different people asked when I was going to start blogging again. I'm glad my life can provide entertainment for so many people.....

Thanks to my cheerleaders for the extra push to get back to work!

September 18, 2010

And we're back!

A few months ago I took on a community project that, like Girl Scout leader-ing or booster clubbing, exploded into a commitment with a huge learning curve. I have been learning to work this new venture into my family life, and think I'm finally on the right track.

You won't hear much about it, despite the plethora of writing material it provides. First, not everyone is ok with having their business become public humor. And really, some of the people really should remain nameless.

And so, I am back!