September 24, 2008

You left it WHERE?

Today, 20 minutes after I dropped my youngest off at school, and headed for a meeting an hour away, I realized that she had left her lunch money on the back seat of the rental car (actually, I only realized it because she called to tell me).

You have to know that I don't function well hungry, so I don't expect my kids to either. And her lunch account was already negative yesterday.

My sister, who is always there for things like this, logged onto the school's payment site and transferred money, only to get a message that balance updates may not be available. I called the school... to get the administration office... to get food service... to get their voice mail. At least the rest of the drive went fast.

When the meeting was over I called the food service line again to find out if the funds transferred or if I would be picking up a pizza lunchable at the next gas station. All ended well, but I can't help wondering if all working moms face the same issues or if it's just me....

September 23, 2008

"The Funny Book" lives on....

I was terrible at logging milestones for my kids. I can’t tell you when each took her first steps or which one’s teeth were first. I can tell you first words for one child – only because I tracked them as part of a college assignment.

At some time in their preschool years I began keeping a notebook with cute stories and funny things the kids said. This was dubbed “the funny book” and kids would pull stories out for “all about me” day at school, visits from out of town relatives, and to embarrass each other in front of friends.

This is the online, teenage years version of “the funny book”.