April 19, 2011

what's one more

We are pet-sitting this week for my sister who is in Florida for spring break. I was worried about how our dogs would get along. But even Nike the crazy dog is ok with it.

April 18, 2011

Breakfast Milk

My kids are not a breakfast eaters on school mornings, and I never was as a kid either. My kids love Starbucks and chocolate milk so I figured mixed strong, over ice, they might drink Carnation Instant Breakfast. Score one for mom - two of the three like it.

This morning I mixed myself a travel container, but forgot it in the fridge. My middle daughter came home from practice, opened the fridge, and said, "Is that breakfast milk? Can I drink it!"

Hooray for Breakfast Milk!

April 13, 2011


This past weekend, I went to Boston with my two oldest girls on a music trip. We saw the JFK Museum, Bunker Hill, and Harvard. We had the most amazing pasta primavera, cupcakes, and bakery - ever. And we got to spend some quality time with Medford's finest while they rescued nine of our kids from the elevator when it got stuck between floors. Now that's a vacation!

April 6, 2011

Thunder dog

We had one of the first thunderstorms of the spring. Neither dog likes thunder, but Nike, the crazy dog, is petrified. Since the crate was already taken, she found the next best place she could to wait it out....

April 5, 2011

Who, me? Competitive?

My oldest and I went to a another college event. While the kids took a placement test, the parents had a separate program - a college trivia game. The facilitator gave us all a keypad control, and read the directions. The intent of the program was for us to learn some things about the college in a fun, interactive way. And then he mentioned prizes. Prizes? That changes everything.

And so it started. "These three businesses employ the highest percentage of our graduates." Duh, pick the answer with the biggest three. "I may have mentioned this in an earlier question... " You did, and I was paying attention, not like the 30% who answered wrong. "This building has a theater that can hold..." There's a map of the campus on the folder they gave us. "Remember you can poll your neighbor," he said. Poll my neighbor. Are you crazy? There are prizes.

I have used this keypad system before for trainings. All of my answers were recorded by the software and can be matched to the number on the keypad they gave me, which is listed next to my daughter's name. How's that for market research?

But hey, I won my daughter a college logo t-shirt...

April 4, 2011

Just call her Webster

We were on the way to a tournament with our youngest daughter and her friend. Her friend has a reputation as a reader, and my daughter was giving her a hard time about it. Her friend pointed out that kids who read have a better vocabulary than kids who don't. My daughter said, "Why do I need the word "domicile" when I have "house" and "home" already. Nope, I have all the words I need."

Now, why would a mother not be proud of that? (eye roll)

April 3, 2011

Estrogen, and lots of it

I am officially the mother of three teen age girls. My youngest turned 13 in March and the middle daughter made this awesome cake for her. Nike, the crazy dog, ate it.

April 2, 2011

So what's new around here?

Well, I didn't plan on taking a break from my blog, but apparently I needed to.

I am learning that my blog is a balance barometer - when I haven't posted anything for a while, I need to look at how I am spending my time. For the past month, our family has been juggling schedules that do not match at all. I have some big projects with looming deadlines at the office and the boss kinda likes it when I come in to work. The kids are in transition from winter to spring sports - winter sports aren't quite over but the spring ones have already started - double duty. With the time that's left at night I've been choosing between making dinner and doing laundry. Sad.

But I am re-balancing things. I cleaned the garage, got a haircut, and added music to my ipod. Hey, you have to start somewhere. And I updated my blog - there's progress.