January 14, 2011

Tell me again why we have pets....

Today while we were at work and school one of the dogs got locked in my oldest daughter's bedroom. She was sleeping all snuggled up on the bed when we left and somehow must have closed the door, and found herself trapped. She pulled the carpet back, shredded the pad, and separated the carpet and backing. She also ate everything in the room - books, gift bags, baskets - and chewed up the bottom of the door.

We were able to fit most of the pieces of the pad-puzzle back together and fold the carpet back. There is a one inch gap where it meets the hallway, and about a 10 inch tear down the middle being held together with packing tape right now.

I would be furious about it except she's a rescue dog who came to us in bad condition. Who knows what she went through before we got her, thanks to my other sister (who will be helping us replace the carpet later this year).

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