August 31, 2011

move in day

Today we were moving the oldest into her dorm at college. Some of the other parents on the floor were rushing around to get to the introductory parent meeting. Ten minutes before the meeting, her roommate's parents asked if we were going to the 1pm or 3pm parent meeting.

"Ah, well, um, it's just that we usually skip those kinds of things."

Yep, bad parent award again.

August 30, 2011

all loaded up and ready to go

Somehow, her 45 minute college drive seemed shorter before we got all her stuff loaded into the car...

August 28, 2011

last of summer

This week, the youngest learned to wake board. The first day or two looked something like this....

August 16, 2011

NY time is different

We left New York today on a 6am flight, which meant a 4am cab ride. By the time we got back home, we were exhausted. We did a few things around the house to get ready for work and practice tomorrow. We all drifted off in the family room sometime in the afternoon.

The middle kid rolled over and asked, "What time is it?"
"5 o'clock," I replied.
"AM?" she asked
"No, sweetie. Dinner time."

"Oh." And she rolled over and went back to sleep, and slept through the night.

August 15, 2011

back again

For her 18th birthday we surprised my oldest daughter with a family trip to New York. We debated that for a long time - we have to plan way ahead to save for something like that. And we knew if we did an 18th b-day trip, we were committing to two more. We decided that we will only get one chance to do it, and we should. So glad we did.

August 10, 2011

they all rolled over and...

The oldest and her friends are all making the most of their time together before they go off to school - they were all so tired....

August 9, 2011

my commute home today

My bike route home from work cuts right through the midway of the state fair grounds!

August 4, 2011

just play along ok?

The middle daughter wanted to go to a concert in town, but the venue is in a dicey neighborhood - a parent-on-site kind of area. None of the other parents wanted to chaperone, so being the great parent I am, I took one for the team.

Ok, the real story is that I listen to alternative music too, and this was the perfect excuse to go to an awesome concert: The Summer Set, Downtown Fiction, Hot Chelle Rae, and We the Kings. And the other parents still think they owe me.... :)

asleep at the wheel

My middle daughter took her driving test today. We were not able to get an appointment at the two testing stations near us for like, a decade. Fortunately, one testing station added some super-early appointment slots. She was worried about it being an area she hadn't done any practice driving in.

As we were leaving (she was successful) she was telling me about the test. "...and Mom, the tester was sleeping, like legitimately sleeping. Snoring and everything. I just drove really smooth so I wouldn't wake him up."

Well that's one way to do it....