March 9, 2012

Just pick a station... Haha!

Earlier this week I used my husband's car for an errand. When I got in the car all the radio presets were set to the same country station. In our family, there could be a perfectly logical explanation. I figured that our middle daughter, who often uses that car, got tired of the top 40 stations playing the same three songs and set them all to country. Or that she was getting revenge on a sibling for something.

Not so.

Last night the oldest and I had his car again, and she commented on the limited listening options. "Yeah, I know, I think your sisters were messing with it." "No, it's Dad doing that."

Turns out when the kids ask him to change the station, Mr. Technology holds the button down too long it it resets to the station they are already on. "Doesn't he notice it's the same station? Or don't you say something?" "Yeah, we tried to tell him and then he did it again so another one was set the the same station."

Ok, country it is...