March 23, 2013

Another season done.

Well, basketball season is wrapped up - all that's left is the banquet. I am so proud of my middle daughter. Before tryouts she talked to the coach about what the season might look like for her, since she didn't play last year. He was honest about play time and expectations. She decided to try out anyway and made the team.

The first couple games were so hard for her dad and me. We know how much she loves the game and it broke our hearts to watch her never leave the bench. One night she quickly put it in perspective for us; she knew coming in that she would not play, but she wanted to be with the friends she had become so close to over the years of basketball together. "Please don't ruin this season by being grouchy every game," she said.

And so I embraced her positive attitude. I dropped my expectations and just focused on enjoying MY friends that I have spent so many years with in the bleachers. I have made some great friends through her years of basketball. This has been one of the best seasons, ever. I am so grateful for the memories, and a daughter who helped me appreciate them.

March 20, 2013


I talk with my oldest, who is away at school, almost every day, whether its by phone, text, or email. We chatted on facebook a few days ago. She is helping a friend with a really tough situation. I told her that she gave perfect advice and she was a good friend. She messaged back, "Thank you. I try to do what you would do."

Is this the part where I cry?

March 14, 2013

Punn-y kid

Our youngest is studying Shakespeare in English right now, and part of the unit is puns. She was sharing some of them on the way to school the other day, like "a fish ran into a wall... dam." It took me back to the days of preschool:

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange shirt. Hahaha!

I didn't realize how much I missed that, and it was nice to get one more little glimpse of it!

March 1, 2013

Rough start to the week

the Singing Butler gets a makeover

I have always envied rooms that can change with the seasons, and wanted to redo our room with colors and furniture that let me do that. A few months ago, we redid our bedroom, and incorporated things that would give us that blank slate to work with, but not be boring.

I painted the room a tan-yellow color that matches a blond wood cabinet that used to be my grandmother's and the print of The Singing Butler - which is one of my favorites. We already had the white comforter and the red one is the solid side of a striped comforter from last year. I found a great yellow and white solid quilt on clearance at Target.

I swapped our wood slat blinds for the white curtains that were in the middle daughter's room. We also had the little tree and bear rug that I took to the fabric store, where my oldest helped to pick out a great plaid that matched almost perfectly. We bought enough to make a few pillow covers and to cover the piece of wood that makes makes the dog crate into a table.

I love how the room has a just hint of lodge. When summer rolls around, we'll switch out the red for something else - maybe celery green or pastel vintage print quilts.