Meet Deena

About me. 

I am super-organized, love lists and planners, and sometimes proofread on accident. The messy kid side of me loves to make scrapbooks, greeting cards, and altered books. I am the mom of athletes, so if you need to get a hold of me, I'm probably sitting in a gym somewhere....

About my blog. 

I have tried to document my family's lives the best I can, but I'll be honest. I do not have an even number of photos or perfectly recorded milestones for each kid. Instead I have a wonderful assortment of artwork, scrapbooks, homework bins, sentimental t-shirts, and photos that were important to each of them. Life is random like that, and we do our best. This blog started as an extension of a journal I kept when the kids were little. You can read my first post about how The "Funny Book" came to be a blog. As the kids have gotten older and their worlds have expanded, so have the stories.

About my family. 

My kids. Even though this blog is stories about life with my three daughters, you will not see them named or find photos of them. They do have teenage social lives to protect... and someday, they will want to apply for colleges and jobs, and I would hate for an embarrassing childhood story to turn up on a search. I also have three adult step-kids with families and lives of their own, and the same privacy rules apply. Don’t worry - if it’s a really good story I’ll find a way to share it.

My husband. My husband rarely appears in my blog. He has been a teacher for years, and has a devoted following of former students. Everywhere we go someone walks up to us and tells us they had him as a teacher; it happens at the doctor’s office, the grocery store, and my kids’ school. If they knew about this blog I’d have to rename it, “Life beyond the classroom.”

My sister, and her husband. My sister guest writes for me on occasion, and it’s only a matter of time until she gets her own blog. My brother in law is routinely called to help us with things around the house and makes awesome smoothies. They have three kids that frequently make the blog headlines.

My other sister, and her husband. My other sister moved back to Wisconsin after nursing school, and brought her husband and three dogs with her. We wear the same size clothes - too bad for me, her entire wardrobe is scrubs. This brother in law can find anything for sale dirt cheap online or at an auction.

And, I'm just warning you all - if you're in my life, you'll probably be part of my blog at some point too....