June 29, 2011

better get going on that....

My middle daughter has a giant dry erase board in her room. She and her girlfriends made a list of the things they want to do this summer. Seems ambitious....

June 18, 2011

photos, please

Last year my camera broke, and I didn't replace it right away because I have a camera on my phone, and my kids have cameras and take tons of pictures. My oldest daughter bought me a new one last Christmas. I take it everywhere with me, but I hadn't realized how attached I had become until I had to send it out for repairs that took a few weeks. And now I have it back. :)

June 11, 2011


Our oldest graduated from high school today. Way to go!

June 10, 2011

the golf cart?

My oldest got into the car today after school and said, "My last day of school and I got to drive the golf cart!"
"The golf cart? Really?"
"Yep. That was the last thing left on my high school bucket list!"

High school bucket list? You rock kid.