January 29, 2011

Driver on the way!

Yesterday was my middle daughter's half birthday - let me clarify that - it was her 15-1/2 birthday. In Wisconsin that means learner's permit. You have to have your learner's permit for six months before you can take your driver's test, so if you want to get your license on your 16 birthday, and who doesn't, then you have to get your learner's permit on your half birthday. Or you die.

On the way home from the Department of Motor Vehicles, with temps in hand, I turned into a cemetery. Middle daughter asked, "Wait why are we going here?" "You wanna drive today, right?" "Yeah...." "Well, you can't kill dead people," I said. So we drove around until she had a feel for things.

As we were switching places to go home she said, "If I have bad luck driving it's your fault." "I don't understand," I said. "You're supposed to hold your breath when you drive past a cemetery and you had me driving in it. You're only safe if you're here for ... cemetarian things," she said.

Whew. Glad it wasn't me violating the superstition rules....

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