April 5, 2011

Who, me? Competitive?

My oldest and I went to a another college event. While the kids took a placement test, the parents had a separate program - a college trivia game. The facilitator gave us all a keypad control, and read the directions. The intent of the program was for us to learn some things about the college in a fun, interactive way. And then he mentioned prizes. Prizes? That changes everything.

And so it started. "These three businesses employ the highest percentage of our graduates." Duh, pick the answer with the biggest three. "I may have mentioned this in an earlier question... " You did, and I was paying attention, not like the 30% who answered wrong. "This building has a theater that can hold..." There's a map of the campus on the folder they gave us. "Remember you can poll your neighbor," he said. Poll my neighbor. Are you crazy? There are prizes.

I have used this keypad system before for trainings. All of my answers were recorded by the software and can be matched to the number on the keypad they gave me, which is listed next to my daughter's name. How's that for market research?

But hey, I won my daughter a college logo t-shirt...

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