November 15, 2012


Today I had my annual doctor's visit, and after logging my height, weight and blood pressure, the nurse asked if I had any medical history. "Nope," I replied. She started listing conditions as little questions: Diabetes? High blood pressure? Heart disease? "No," I replied again, "nothing." "Oh," she said, "That's what it said in your chart, but I thought it was a mistake."

A few minutes into the visit the doc asked the same questions about any new medical history. Ok, so I came from work on too little sleep, too much coffee, and probably limping a little from my run the day before, but did I look that bad? "I can make something up," I offered. "No" she said, "it's just unusual."

Unusual? Unusual to be 44 years old and healthy? I guess sometimes we forget to be grateful for the things right in front of us.

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