December 12, 2010

kinda squirrely

Since the squirrels moved into our attic a month ago, we have been trying to get them leave. They are in a point of the eaves where we cannot get from the inside, and from the outside it's 2-1/2 stories off the ground. We tried a loud radio and leaving the lights on, but that didn't help at all - I think they actually liked it - so we borrowed a live trap. It took a week of trying it in different locations but we finally caught one.

Then, Sunday morning we heard the familiar rummaging around in the attic. Their food stash must have been low because a few hours later, when I looked out the window, there was squirrel number 2, in the trap. We think there were only two upstairs, but it would be just our luck that the one we caught today was just another random squirrel from the neighborhood, so we put the trap back out just in case. Next step? Figuring out a way to seal off the openings....

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