December 15, 2010

I'm not a minimalist, but someday I'd like to be.

FB over at The Everyday Minimalist made me laugh today. The last couple of days she has shared pictures of her kitchen cabinets. It made me think of some of the times when family has been over to my house cooking. Like on Thanksgiving when my sister asked for a whisk for the gravy. "Over there" I said, "in the drawer. It looks kinda like a fork." It was. And another time when we were taking hot dogs out of the pan of water and I handed her the grill tongs. Trust me, there are utensils and gadgets I would not want to be without, I just choose them carefully. What are they, you ask? Ok, here they are:

1. George Foreman Grill - I love that even frozen meats cook quickly, and the drippings drain off into a little pan, so you can drain it or use it for gravy or sauce. It is awesome for grilled cheese sandwiches!

2. Magic Bullet Blender - The perfect blender for the smoothie lover because it can handle ice and chunks of fruit effortlessly, and my family does not like chunks of anything in their smoothies. Clean up is really easy because it all comes apart.

3. Pampered Chef Scraper - This is my number one, favorite kitchen utensil. I have four of them. They are stain proof, heat proof, and sturdy. Great for everything from frying potatoes to turning the edge of an omelet. And the small one fits inside a soup can....

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