December 17, 2010

the ABC's - a critical life skill

My youngest was in charge of music this morning while I was driving her to school.

"Can you see if that song is on my ipod?" I asked.
"Yeah, sure."
(pause while scrolling is occurring)
"No, it's not - oh wait. I'm having trouble with my alphabet. Yeah it's here."

Having trouble with my alphabet? The kid cracks me up! And I never really thought about how important that piece of information is in today's world. Now that was a great start to my day.


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I am in the 9-1-1 industry and one of the current challenges is getting kids to realize they can't text to the dispatch center in an emergency. It makes me realize not only is there a completely different language, but there is also a complete new written world as well.

  2. I hated when my parents shared "when I was your age stories" but it's hard not to when things really are so different than we knew. It IS a challenge to stay on top of it all!