December 23, 2010

Potato Pancakes

Tonight for dinner my kids asked for one of our holiday traditions - potato pancakes. We usually only make them for Christmas and maybe one other time during the year because they are so much work. We have tried starting with frozen hash browns but they don't give the same consistency. Some people put the potatoes in the food processor and make a paste out of them. But nothing is as good as freshly shredded - which is why we only make them for the holidays. I made ten pounds tonight. Anyone else want to make some? Here ya go....

Deena's Potato Pancakes
  • peel and shred potatoes
  • for every 4-ish cups of potatoes add 1 egg and 2-3 T of flour
  • add a generous amount of salt
  • I like minced onion, not my family
  • mix well with a fork
  • drop by fork fulls into olive oil or olive oil/butter mix
  • fry until one side is crispy, then flip and fry the other
  • serve with applesauce or sour cream (our family is half each)
You might want to serve with a salad or make sure there is enough milk in the house - these are hard to stop eating, and definitely not a low fat food!

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