October 17, 2013

Welcome back...

..to me! It has been a long time. Grab a cup of coffee and I'll fill you in (the short version).

This year, I finished a term as an elected official. I am grateful to have had the experience, but it was not where I wanted to be in life. From my view even at the local level, politics was every bit as muddled as people believe. When the kids were younger I told them “you are who you hang with” and in that role, I saw myself surrounded by attitudes and beliefs that did not reflect who I wanted to be. When my term ended, I was done with politics, public demands, and public issues. I needed a serious break to decompress.

So I took one!

And now I am back because I love how writing up the everyday stories about my kids, family, and friends helps me to notice and appreciate the things that make life special to me. It’s very therapeutic. Like coffee.

There’s lots more to tell, so get yourself a refill and come on back.


  1. We're glad you're back! Thanks for at least trying to bring sanity to the public sector. E

  2. Thanks, E. It's nice to have support... and appreciative people!