April 1, 2013

A quick break from the break

Rant zone... Enter with caution.

Some of the schools in our area are just finishing spring break, and some are just starting. I cannot count how many parents I have heard make comments about their kids going back to school. Today, I overheard one parent tell their child, "It's only the first day of break and I'm already ready for you to go back."

I have never understood that. I love having my kids home... for the summer, for break, for the weekend. Don't misunderstand. Kids are a lot of work. Parenting is hard. But if even YOU don't want to spend time with your kids, it might be time for some changes.

Maybe it's because of the work I do, that I realize how lucky I am to have time with my kids. Some families wish for one day and I have a whole week. And I don't care if it's spent making breakfast, playing HORSE, or hanging out watching tv... as long as its with them.

Ok. Back to spring break!

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