December 6, 2012

Pop top surprise!

The oldest and I found the cutest idea for an easy gift. Here's what we did:
  • Buy cans with the pop top lids. They have to have a bottom that a can opener will fit.
  • Open the bottom of the cans, but not all the way - leave about an inch still attached. 
  • Dump out the contents, and wash and dry the cans. 
  • Fill the cans with whatever goodies you want.
  • Hot glue the can bottom back together. 
  • Cut paper to fit and glue that on.
  • Attach ribbon to the pull tab.
  • Add whatever tags or labels you want.

Aren't they adorable? We made them for her friends away at school and used M&M's but you could use legos, little cars, barbie accessories, hair ties... think of the possibilities! 

We saw this idea and many more at