December 26, 2012

Would have been a gift spoiler

Over the years my side of the family has grown to to the point that exchanging gifts would mean buying for 11 other people, so last Christmas we decided to exchange names. This year I got my other sister.

A few years ago I chaperoned my daughter and her friends at the Warped Tour (actually I love alternative and wanted to go too, but all the parents think I took one for the team). My other sister agreed to go with. Turns out she likes the old school, political message alternative music. We bounced between stages all day.

When I saw "vinyl records" on her list, I was so happy. I went to several different music stores looking for the perfect album.

I settled on Barry Manilow Live - a two album set with all his best music - because who doesn't love the Copacabana? As a kid, I listened to that album over and over and over - and there was probably some hair brush microphone singing in there somewhere too. In my defense I was raised on Abba, the BeeGees, and Kenny Rogers.

Then I bought a whole bunch of real albums for her: Loverboy, The Police, Jefferson Starship, Genesis, Heart.... cuz I couldn't find Pennywise or Pearl Jam on vinyl.

If anyone else had drawn her name, she would have gotten lotion and candles. Now you see why I couldn't share this day's album page until after the gift giving was done.