October 26, 2012

We are the 30%

Back in February of 2010, our $3000 free puppy had surgery to repair his torn ACL. Did you know that 30% of dogs who tear one wind up tearing the other? Yep. This week, our dog was became the $4500 puppy.

His first day home he slept almost the entire time, thanks to a hefty round of pain medication. A week later he is moving around and beginning to put weight on it. Now the hard part begins. Rehab is incredibly important, and dogs are ready to run, jump, and climb long before the repair is healed. At least we aren't dealing with snow too.

Some people think $4500 is too much to spend on a pet, and I know others would spend their life savings if it would make a difference. For me, it will be worth every cent to see him blasting across the dog park again!

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