October 28, 2012

They do everything big!

My stepson and his girlfriend are on vacation in New York City. Of course they are. If our family didn't have bad luck, we'd have no luck at all.

Last night I called the airline to see what their options were, and got put into a callback que - with a 4 hour wait. Hearing this, they called right away to get in the cue too. Good thing, because when I answered the callback I got disconnected without even talking to anyone. They did reach a representative, who told them that all flights out were full.

The hotel was very helpful and extended their stay. They were still able to find flashlights, water, and snacks. They spent the rest of the day sightseeing until the wind forced them inside.

Now they are settled in awaiting the the storm in their hotel - which has become an evacuation zone for people in the financial district. What was a nice, normal vacation has become an epic story, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Still, they are relatively safe. I hope the same for all of our friends on the east coast.

NASA image courtesy LANCE MODIS 
Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC.

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