October 18, 2011

Grown-up Gummies

My co-worker forwarded a story about a new trend in teen alcohol use; they are soaking candy like gummy bears, candy corn, or Swedish fish in vodka overnight. The candy absorbs all the alcohol and becomes portable and really un-suspicious. It's difficult to control the amount of alcohol being ingested, and the hazard to little kids is obvious. They are referred to as boozy bears or drunken gummies. Google search it - there's a ton of info on it. Still, I'm not sure if I should be serious or joke about this....

This is freaking brilliant - a huge step up from jello shooters. I would never have thought to try that on my own. My guess is that someone was throwing gummies around at a drinking party, a few landed in the wop and the next morning, voila.

I told my sister about it. Her kids know to ask before they drink out of someone's glass if this is "kid juice" or "grown up juice." We had a good laugh about now them having to ask if this is kid candy or grown up candy before they just pop them. And it gives a whole new perspective to grown up trick or treating.

I told my kids about it. I might be giving them ideas, but at least they will not be caught off guard if they were ever offered some, and they know that I know.

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