October 7, 2011

saving Chip

My oldest daughter moved about an hour away to college over the summer (more on that later - lots more). She texted me at work today and asked if I could call her as soon as I got a chance. I knew it wasn't an emergency but was important, so as soon as my meeting was over I called.

Turns out she found a chipmunk on campus with a broken paw, so she scooped it up and put it in a box of blankets and took it to her dorm room. She called several vets in the small town, but none were equipped to deal with wild animals. She finally reached a wild animal rescue an hour away who could take it but could not come to pick it up, and she is car-less.

Through the years we have had numerous small creatures, and have been late for school and important meetings to capture stray dogs and return wandering turtles to the pond. There was really no debate. I was driving an hour to pick up Chip, and take him to the vet, another hour away. Unfortunately, Chip didn't make it, and he is now buried in the yard with our family pets. But it makes me happy that my kids realize the value of a life - of any kind, and will go out of their way to save one - even a little, scruffy one.

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