November 29, 2010

Black Friday starts in the dark

So my oldest makes the observation about the irony of the Thanksgiving weekend and my middle daughter invites friends over to go Black Friday shopping at 3am, with me as their chauffeur.

They wanted to start with Target until they saw the line stretching 200 feet along the front of the building and another 100 feet around the side. They decided to go to the 24 hour Walgreen's down the street to check out all the "as seen on TV" products, followed by breakfast at McDonald's. We got back to Target just in time for the stampede as the doors opened, but it was uneventful.

At least I got coffee out of the trip. Well ok, I got a cami, long-sleeve t-shirt, and sweater for half off at Vanity too....

1 comment:

  1. This is why I hate crowds. No sale is worth that headache for me... and it's cold :P