November 17, 2009

At least I didn't flush my keys....

Today I picked my oldest up for an appointment with an oral surgeon to put a bracket put on a tooth. We stopped at the mall for lunch on the way to the office, and I realized on the way back out to the van that, for the third time in a month, I locked my keys in the van - which is a whole other story.

Fortunately my stepson was not too far away on a errand, and agreed to run by and get us - except he had his pickup not his car and could only take one of us at a time. When I called the office, they agreed to do the procedure even though we would be 40 minutes late.

Once the procedure started I made a stop in the bathroom, which I probably should have done hours before while I was still at work but I forgot (which every mother will relate to). As I flushed, I realized that the water wan't flushing. One thing everyone who lives in Wisconsin knows is that most "flushable" products, ARE NOT FLUSHABLE! The person in the bathroom before me was obviously from Illinois or something, because that's exactly why the water rising to the top of the bowl.

So I am late to the appointment, have to make two trips to get us both there, and now I am flooding their bathroom. Way to make an impression I know.... Desperate, I did a quick sweep of the bathroom - soap dispenser, garbage can, toilet brush.... toilet brush! I am saved!

The rest of the afternoon was much less eventful....

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