January 30, 2009

Not the workout I planned on....

I was having a great workout on the bike trainer in the basement with my headphones on, when my daughter came down and said, "Mom, there's something wrong with the dog - he's in the bathroom shaking." In the past 24 hours our two dogs had somehow gotten into an entire pan of brownies and 1/2 bag of M&M's, so I was more than a little concerned. I ran upstairs and managed to coax him out of the bathroom to go outside. I encouraged him as he wandered around the side of the house, hoping that any issues would "pass". But as soon as he got to the backyard he was gone like a shot to the neighbor's house to visit.

So there I was, chasing the stupid dog through the yards in my spandex cycling shorts, a sports bra, and winter boots. My poor neighbors.

But wait that's not the best part. As I opened the door to go back in the house, I was blasted with the smell of five years of pizza cheese burning on the bottom of the oven. "Did the smoke detector go off before?" I asked. Of course it did. Only with my headphones in I couldn't know that, and didn't realize until after the chase, that the dog was in the bathroom hiding from the detector.

And do you think one of them could fill me in?

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