January 25, 2012

headed North

This guest post, from my youngest daughter....

Welllllllll.................... so here's the story! My mother, being the crazy adventurous child at heart she still is, decides, HEY. Let's go see the Northern lights! So we all packed up and got ready to head out with a box of cereal and iced tea in hand. We headed North, picking up my sister on the way, and set out to find the Northern lights. However, me just being done with my softball practice, and my sister just finishing her exams, dropped off fairly early. We both woke up, briefly, to look when we had gotten as far North as our time would allow us to go in order to get back in time. We didn't end up seeing any more than a red haze out in the sky; the northern lights were actually, as we would find out later, best visible on the other side of the planet! So we turned around and headed home, stopping only at a little truck stop with bakery treats, some of which were larger than myself! We got home around 4 in the morning and didn't make it far into the house before we dropped off fell into a practical hibernation. Although we did not get to see the Northern lights as expected, I realized that it isn't the destination that is the most important, but rather the events that occur on the trip there. yep, i run deep. :)

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