December 23, 2011

all aboard!

The oldest planned a surprise for the rest of us today. She took us to dinner and then to the Polar Express at the IMAX theater. We saw the movie in the theater as a family when it was released, and we have watched it on dvd hundreds of times since, and there were still things we caught this time that we never heard or saw before. The two funniest memories of the night:

1) The middle daughter walked into the IMAX and her brain went into math mode. All she could think of was how fast the sound waves would travel across the dome, and the formulas to calculate things. She could not clear her brain until the movie started. And she was pissed that she couldn't turn it off. Hilarious!

2) As we are wrapping up dinner hubby pulls out his phone and announces that he has "this cool calculator" on his phone that can figure out what the tip should be. No one had the heart to tell him that we all have a tip calculator on our phones - or we all sat in the same stunned silence, while he demonstrated it for us....

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